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Are you a nature lover?
Are you fascinated by the birds around you?
Are you in awe of the beautiful species that coexist around you?
Did you notice the other life that coexists around you?
Here is a coffee table book for you!

Nature is never short of mesmerizing us in many ways!

This book 'The Nature Around the City of Destiny' is a beautiful coffee table book with high-resolution images. It is a collection of birds, beaches and a few others from the city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India; a visual treat for nature and bird lovers. The images are a reminder of all the beautiful species that coexist with us but mostly go unnoticed.
The captions used in this book are emotional responses that help us draw closer to the images. The captions go from "Awww" to "Agrrrr...."
My website is a portfolio of birds, beaches and more.

The compact package makes this coffee table book a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Number of pages: 30
Type of book: Hardbound
Dimensions: 8X10 inches
Paper type: Glossy matt non-tearable finish 

*Free shipping to anywhere in India


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